Viking Dungeon – Some Sort of Game

A short post about a game I made about a year ago for a class at the University of North Texas, CSCE 4210: Game Programming 1. I took the class because I heard the professor, Dr. Ian Parberry, was good at teaching game design and was an interesting fellow (I heard right on both counts).

I cannot claim all credit for this game because I worked with a partner. He was awesome and the only reason I don’t mention him by name is because I didn’t tell him I uploaded this and no longer have his contact info. To my Viking Dungeon game programming 1 partner: if you want me to add your name to this post let me know.

For some reason fraps didn’t catch the end game screens for dying or winning even though you can hear the sound play. There are images of those below.

Over all this was a fun little project that forced me to use Visual Studios. I enjoyed the time in class and the people I met. However, this didn’t deter me from sticking to my usual web based game development methods. I should have a post sometime later this year about one of those games (don’t hold your breath).