xkcd 1190 - Time

at your own pace


Playback speed: fps

Pause special frames: seconds

Pause on debated frames:

Step through frames (or use arrow keys)

Mouse Wheel: Hover over image and scroll down to move forward, up to move back.

Are you from the past?
frame: / Loading... long url

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Frame Data

Image Difference


Previous Frame Difference

Image Difference From Frame

Special Frame Nomination

Yes: +1

No: +1

Debated Frame!

Vote "yes" on frames that should be paused at during auto playback, and "no" for frames that should not be paused on.

More information about voting and other features can be found on the GitHub readme.

Preload Indicator

Are you from the past?
Preload indicator legend. Grey means not loaded, light blue loading, black loaded, dark blue cursor position. Yellow border means special frame, green border current frame, magenta border current compare frame. Red means error.

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Special Frames

Past Day (24 Frames)

Past Week (168 Frames)

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